Due to licensing agreement of each studio, some movies are listed as a SINGLE RENTAL and the price of each movies may vary.

About SINGLE RENTAL movies

Purchased or redeemed SINGLE RENTAL movies are valid for 30 days after purchase or redemption. Once you have clicked on WATCH NOW on the purchased movie, the title will play immediately and you will have 48 hours of unlimited watch. You may check the validity of your SINGLE RENTAL titles through My List Rented & Redeemed.


SINGLE  RENTAL tickets provided by any plans are valid for use within your membership period. The tickets issued cannot be carried over to the next membership period and are only limited to use by Movie Lovers. 

Early Access at Home

The right of Early Access at Home allows users to watch ahead of SINGLE RENTALS, so any promotional code, subscription inclusive or rewarded single rental tickets or discount cannot be applied.